Monogram Etiquette

Please note that we always ask for initials in the First, Middle, Last name order. Example: Colleen Regina Kitchen’s monogram should be entered as CRK.  We will then take the last name initial and make it larger in the middle for a traditional monogram.

If you would like the initials all the same size, just make a special note in the comment box, and we will make sure to do that for you.

Traditionally, when monogramming linens, the women's initials are used exclusively. Recently many prefer to include that husband and instead with the wife's first name initial, the husband's first name initial, and then their shared last initial Big in the Middle.   We call it the married monogram!

Thread Colors:

Please know that Stitching Around will always match the product as much as possible.  We will never pick a color that clashes on the item.  If you pick “You Choose” – then we will pick what we think it’s the best color on the item you are purchasing.